What We Do

The AMAA provides the following services to the adaptive martial arts community:

  • An online directory of martial arts schools offering adaptive martial arts training
  • Adaptive program support, guidance and assistance growing a student base for instructors
  • Opportunity and support for students to engage in the therapeutic benefits that martial arts training can provide
  • Tuition assistance for qualifying students
  • Annual college scholarships to students pursuing higher education serving persons with disabilities
  • Other online elements such as: Articles, Video Blogs & Podcast offering adaptive training tips and information

How We Do It

Our organization remains sustainable as a result of the following:

  • Volunteers
  • Fundraising Events
  • Grants
  • Donations
  • Annual Memberships
  • Donations
  • Charitable Giving Platforms

Our Story

Our founder was turned away from a martial arts school at the age of 8 when he tried to enroll with his older brothers. He was simply told that given his condition of Cerebral Palsy, practicing martial arts would be impossible.

Years later, at the age of 31, his interest and desire to try martial arts was rekindled. Having been raised with the belief that, “You can do anything you want to do, if you put your mind to it, sometimes in a different way, but you can do it”. With this mindset his search for a martial arts school that would teach a disabled student continued.

He contacted an old friend that owned a local martial arts school and asked for an honest opinion about the prospects of a disabled student practicing martial arts. This time, the answer was quite different than the one he received years earlier. She told him “I believe that regardless of life’s challenges, martial arts should be available to everyone. We will find a way to do it”. This was followed by an offer to adapt her curriculum and help him achieve his goal of becoming a martial artist.

The first few weeks both student and teacher wondered if it would work. But then the physical and mental changes began to appear. When medical doctors and therapists noticed the difference, it was apparent that martial arts training was working in ways both never expected.

That was a few years ago, and I was that guy. It is my intention that Adaptive Martial Arts Association be a resource for the disabled community and martial arts instructors who wish to obtain or provide training to all who choose to pursue martial arts.

Meet Our Team

The Adaptive Martial Arts Association is made up of volunteers from around the nation committed to the fight for opportunity and inclusion of those with disabilities in our society.

Board of Directors


Jason P. Davis

Founder & President 

Jason began his martial arts studies at Rising Sun Martial Arts in 2010, he since has moved on and currently studies Kenpo and Taekwondo in Vermont. Davis is a broadcast veteran, with over 20 years experience in the industry. He’s has used the skills learned from his career in broadcasting to create and grow the AMAA. He enjoys finding new ways to blend both of these passions together. Jason also serves his town as Emergency Management Director and is a member of this local Fire Department.


Michael Doegnes

Vice President

Michael is a Consulting System Engineer for Cisco Systems. He has a vast knowledge of computers, networking and telecommunications technologies. He also has a passion for the broadcast industry and enjoys exploring new broadcasting and multi-media technologies. Michael served on the board of his sons youth football club before moving to Vermont and assuming his current role with the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.


Perry Howard


Perry is a student at Castleton University in Vermont where he is majoring in Business Management and Pre-Law. Perry is a member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association and former martial arts student. He has served as a youth volunteer with the organization since it was founded in 2011. As result of his academic interest, Perry decided to take on an even greater challenge by joining the Board of Directors in 2018. Along with his duties as Secretary, he is still very active on many other AMAA boards and Committees.


Terri Davis


Terri the sister of our Founder, being raised with a brother with Cerebral Palsy she has a great understanding of the importance of opportunity and inclusion for those with disabilities. She has a strong background in Finance she is perfect for this position.

General Board & Committee Members

Darrell Mattingly
Patty Thomas
Todd Egan
Dylan Pinkham
Lindsey Adelstein
Georgie Meeks
Jason McNolty
Melinda Piper
Justin Rankin
Mike Andrus
Johnny Bakane Linda Hanson
Brett Wolf
Devin Fernandez
Gary Gione
Lindsay Adelstein
Mike Andrus
Mike Braitsch
Geoffrey Spohn
Scott Provost
Brain Finch
Jeanine Manovill Susan Vansteemburg
Cathy Louttit
Melinda Piper
Peg Flory
Jack Welch
Robb Spensley
Walt Lentini
Dave Larson
Tim Marceau
Tammy Foley
Jay Rios Leigh Miles
Lucinda Chandler Buck
Justin Rankin
Chuck Davis
Terry Wilson
Lisa King
Katie Davis
Tom Hooker
Tiffany Larson
Randy Adams
Sandi Davis Paula McCann
Kenn Perry

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The Adaptive Martial Arts Association promotes therapy through martial arts & fitness by providing free services & support to the disabled community & martial arts instructors nationwide. We rely on Donations, Fundraisers, Memberships, Sponsorships, Grants & Corporate Partnerships in order to make this possible.

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