What Is "Beyond The Label?"

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The Adaptive Martial Arts Association and Dx2 Productions brings you "Beyond The Label", a podcast that gives you a "Raw, Real Life Look" at living with disabilities.

"Beyond The Label" is hosted by two long time friends and former broadcast industry co-works, "Mike D" and Jason "The Animal" Davis. "Mike D" is a former broadcast engineer and IT/Networking apprentice, now employed by Cisco Systems and Davis is an audio production extraordinaire and founder of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.

In each episode "Mike D" asks all the questions everyone wants to about life with a disabled, but may be uncomfortable asking. Davis, born with Cerebral Palsy take them on with his "No Holds Barred",  "No Nonsense" approach at life takes them head on.

The podcast with touch on such topics like: Raising a disabled child, Growing up with a disability, Education, Friendships, Dating, Choosing a Career, Marriage (and all that goes with it) and of course... Health, Fitness and Martial Arts!   You get the idea, if it's part of life with a disability, they'll talk about it. There will also be special guest and experts on the show form time to time to take you "Beyond The Label".


"Beyond The Label" Hosts:

(Left to Right) "Mike D." & Jason "The Animal" Davis

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