What Is "In The Dojo?"

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The Adaptive Martial Arts Association, Smash Ventura Productions, Dx2 Media and PEG-TV brings you "In The Dojo", a TV Show that gives a glimpse inside the world of adaptive martial arts.

"In The Dojo" is hosted by Jason "The Animal" Davis, founder of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association and Soke Jon C. Bottoms founder of the Phoenix Martial Arts Wellness System. This "Teacher & Pair" will help you understand that martial arts is far more than punching and kicking and that  the term "Adaptive" doesn't have to be a scary one.

The show is perfect for those thinking about trying martial arts or those teaching it. It will give you a better understanding of the great benefit can offer those with disabilities and let you know what to expect when you step "In The Dojo"


"In The Dojo" Hosts:

(Left to Right) Soke Jon C. Bottomms & Jason "The Animal" Davis

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You never know what these two will be talking about next!


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