Stories From The Mat

AMAA Member Todd Egan’s Story From The Mat

At the age of 5 a routine surgery had a catastrophic, life changing consequences. Find out how Todd overcame them all.

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AMAA Member Grandmaster Anthony A-Train Smith’s Story From The Mat

Find out how martial arts & his brothers memory kept this Iraq War veteran going after a direct hit during an "RPG.” (Rocket Propelled Grenade) attack.

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AMAA Member Darrell Mattingly's Story From The Mat

Cerebral Palsy's no match for this Kenpo Karate warrior. Get to know Darrell Mattingly.

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"Stories From The Mat" features adaptive martial artists living with disabilities and the instructors who train them. It showcases the tremendous life-changing impact that adaptive martial arts has had on so many lives.

If your an adaptive instructor or student and want to share your story to inspire others, we want to here from you!

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