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Stories From The Mat

He Defied The Odds & Continues Change Lives As A Result Of His Experiences...

Todd Egan was a normal everyday all-American kid until the age of five when he underwent a
routine tonsillectomy. During the surgery something went wrong that would change his life forever. Todd had a stoke on the operating table which left him completely paralyzed.

After years of rigorous dedication to many types of therapy he regained the use of most of his body. During this long road Todd had to relearn even the simplest of tasks over again.

He also learned that although life was different, it was not over. In high school Egan became interested in bodybuilding. At first bodybuilding was a way for him to combat and deal with his disability, but he soon realized he was inspiring others with disabilities.

Todd wanted to help others like himself see that despite their challenges the possibilities were endless with hard work and the right attitude.

Today Todd is a direct service professional at Heritage Christian Services, which provides dailya activities and opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental

He’s still an active bodybuilder, martial artist and board member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.

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