Adaptive Martial Arts Association (AMAA) is a resource for students and instructors to share ideas, curriculum and training information in order to expand opportunities while promoting health and physical fitness through full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the martial arts.

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The Adaptive Martial Arts Association promotes therapy through martial arts & fitness by providing free services & support to the disabled community & martial arts instructors nationwide. We rely on Donations, Fundraisers, Memberships, Sponsorships, Grants & Corporate Partnerships in order to make this possible.

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The Adaptive Martial Arts Association (AMAA) does NOT endorse any equipment, device, style, school or instructor. Adaptive Martial Arts Association has NOT performed criminal background checks on all the school owners, instructors and their employees listed on our directory and can NOT guarantee that they do NOT have a criminal past and is NOT responsible for their actions. After an initial evaluation it is completely up to the discretion of the instructor(s) at the school whether a disabled person is able to proceed with martial arts training there. Although our services are offered free of charge, individual schools may charge a class fee. All disabled participants do so at their own risk and Adaptive Martial Arts Association is NOT responsible for any harm or injury resulting from martial arts training.